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Dr. Hail Presents Research on Assessment of Bush Presidency

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Professor William E. Cunion convenes a national panel of experts for a “Symposium on the Legacy of the Presidency of George W. Bush” at Mount Union College that includes Morehead State University professor Dr. Michael W. Hail.  The event features a full day of assessment by faculty from across the U.S. whose research presentations cover the breadth of presidential policy and leadership.

Dr. Michael W. Hail, Associate Professor of Government IRAPP, will address the Bush Presidency with focus upon Federalism and Domestic Policies.  Dr. Hail is a national expert in Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations.  He edits The Federalism Report and serves on the governing council for the Federalism Section of the American Political Science Association.  Dr. Hail recently published substantial contributions to the reference work Federalism In America as well as the C.Q. Press Encyclopedia of the U.S. Constitution, and he has work forthcoming in the journal P.S. Political Science & Politics.  Dr. Hail is also Associate Director of the Institute for Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations at the University of Kentucky.

“Overall, President Bush has been a very good president.  He has the vision and character that define executive leadership.”  Dr. Hail commented.  “Though President Bush has had lower opinion poll numbers for several months, history will record George W. Bush as one of our great presidents and, in time, there will be a collective acknowledgement of his superb leadership in a time of war, international pressure, and economic challenge.”

Dr. Hail’s paper, “Bush’s New Nationalism: The Life and Death of New Federalism,” examines the policies of the Bush Administration in the context of the era of devolution.  Dr. Hail concludes, “Bush’s transitional federalism represents a silent paradigmatic shift in public dialogue rather than a re-alignment.  Bush leaves the next era of federalism relatively undefined even if more nationalist in character.”

For more information contact Dr. David Rudy, Dean of IRAPP, at 606-783-5420 or Dr. Hail at

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